fsMarkets is designed to help farmers reach more markets. It is an electronic auction portal where farmspeak farmers and buyers come together. Farmers list their produce, farmspeak team validates and buyers bid. Once buyers and farmers agree, they make arrangement for delivery and payment, usually outside Farmspeak portal. Farmspeak requires a prove of deposit from the buyer to protect the farmer in the auction system.

Core Features

Service is free for farmers using any farmspeak device in their farms: This is a free service for farmspeak farmers.

Discover local produce: Discover fresh produce from local farmers.

Save money and shop right: By eliminating the middle merchants, buyers can save money when they buy directly from farmers.

Easy Listing: Listing is very simple. Take pictures, write descriptions, provide rates, and publish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any farmer that currently has any farmspeak device installed in his/her farm with active subscription.