Farmspeak Smart PENKEEP is a device that works with an intelligent electronics sensor which when installed in a Pen house collects micro climate data like temperature,humidity, air quality etc and wirelessly transmits the data to a cloud server where advanced computational models help to make sense of what is happening in the penhouse. Powered with a battery capacity that can last for days and its rechargeable, a farmer interacts with the hardware data via our free farmspeak Web App which is both desktop- and mobile-friendly. Connectivity is made possible via WIFI, GSM and Satellite.

This device gives the farmer total control over the micro climate in the pen house as he/she can monitor and control those environmental parameters.


01 Install a Penkeep in your penhouse
02 Capture climatic data points, these data is then sent to the cloud server
03 Receive notification and insight on your phone

04 Take Action
With addons Penkeep can automate heating and cooling processes in the the penhouse.

Our Features


Our team goes to the farm to install our device and sensors ensuring the best spot to locate the sensors without stressing the farmer.


The farmer will get sms/email alert update of the mirco-climate of his farm environment whenever the optimum condition goes way below the required. Also there is buzzer alarm on all our devices which sounds an alert when neccessary


With our system installed on the farm, the farmer will be receiving professional tips and recommendations regularly.


Each client relies on a dedicated team that follows up remotely, clarifies doubt, helping you understand informations and reports.


Our farmers can count on in-field visits for equipment maintenance throughout the year. Besides it, we do a visit in-between breeding cycles.


We are not just helping the farmer to get optimum yield, we are ready to link the farmer to the right buyers to clear off their produces after harvest. The farmer saves storage cost for croper farmer and for livestock farmers they save excessive feeding cost.

Are You Yet To Get PENKEEP ?

Advantages Of Data-driven Farming

Eliminate guess work in farming, know When, How and What to farm
Be ahead of outbreaks of diseases, pests etc through Farmspeak analytics and act on time
Farmspeak makes farming a business: higher yields, bigger profits, better resource use