Farm management software for your poultry farm

FS Manager provides you with an all-in-one software management solution that lets you ditch the paper work and focus on your passion.


About FS Manager


With FS Manager, you can efficiently manage your farm and closely monitor its performance. Accessing essential records becomes quick and easy, enabling you to forecast and plan for future cycles with precision.


FS Manager will help you to analyze performance and productivity of your birds and your egg production.


Record Operations Seamlessly

With our easy to use dashboard, it is easy to record your operations from feed intake, water intake, vaccination, flock and a lot more. Automatically generate business reports to know how your business is doing, create and send invoices.

Manage & Track Inventory

FS Manager makes tracking business expenses and revenue ridiculously easy. You’ll know at a glance what you’re spending and how profitable you are, without the headache of spreadsheets or shoeboxes of papers. With our multi-user staff feature, collaboration is much easier


Stay on top of your farming tasks with Reminders. Receive alerts for feeding chicks, vaccinating them, and cleaning the coop, along with other important reminders. Identify areas for improvement to boost your farm's profitability

It's your farm. We're here to help it grow!